For over three decades The Holland Grill has been quietly changing the way America grills. Brad Holland, the founder of Holland Grills, created a revolutionary grilling experience that doesn’t flare up or require turning meats and vegetables while leaving the grill unattended. The Holland Grill patented indirect cooking system was born. Persistence, long hours and hard work paid off as the Holland Grill Company grew and developed a loyal cult following across the United States and around the world. Enter Brian Congrove, a successful businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Brian saw the opportunity to acquire the company and resurrect the iconic Holland Grill brand. He’s committed to continuing the great Holland tradition. Nothing tastes like a Holland!

Where Grilling Meets Perfection


We want to bring back The Holland Grill and introduce a new grilling generation to this amazing product. While thousands of loyal Holland customers still swear by its superior cooking performance, we’re still one of America’s “best kept secrets.” We’re going to change that. We plan on getting the word out and show how grilling is fun and hassle-free. We want you to relax and let us do the work while creating food that tastes amazing!


We plan on reintroducing The Holland Grill in two stages:

First, we will liquidate a large supply of parts and accessories at great prices sold through our website. We want to make sure current Holland-grillers have what they need to make their grill last. We’ll also offer a small supply of “hybrid” Hollands constructed of existing parts at exceptional prices.

Second, we will introduce a new, lean lineup of Holland Grills. Of course, we’ll keep the features that made Holland great such as the no-flareup cooking system, and we will work to continually listen to our customers to improve our product.

And we’ll do all this by building Holland Grills right here in the USA.