We’re excited to be bringing back this amazing grill. Our team at Holland Grill look forward to reintroducing you to the great Holland grilling experience. As we work to resurrect the company, we’re happy to offer you a limited selection of parts, accessories, and brand-new older model Holland Grills. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for your support.

Happy Grilling!

Owner / C.G.O.
Chief Grilling Officer
The Holland Grill Company

Ease of use

Simply preheat the grill and put your food on. No temperature settings to guess. No flare-ups to worry about. With Holland Grills’ constant rolling heat, you don’t have to turn large food items. Just close the lid and cook by time. This will allow you to simply relax. It’s that easy.


All Holland Grills are constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel or thick-gauged stainless that’s built to last. They are designed and built right here in the USA with great pride and attention to quality.


No grill can match the quality of Holland-grilled food. Because of our unique cooking system, food will retain its moisture giving you juicy, tender meats and vegetables each and every time. You will taste the Holland difference.


The Holland Grill is the most versatile grill on the market today. Besides grilling juicy steaks, chicken and burgers, you can cook anything from pizza to prime rib, from vegetables to breads and breakfast. You can even bake an apple pie on your Holland! You grill it all without the hassles of an ordinary grill.